Fighting tooth decay, Frederick, mdDid you know that regular visits to our Frederick, MD dentist office may reduce your risk of developing heart disease? Studies show that patients who visit the dentist regularly and receive frequent dental cleanings are less likely to develop gum disease, which is linked to higher rates of heart disease. Preventative dentistry care is the best thing you can do to maintain your oral health, and your overall well being. Frederick, MD family dentist Dr. Nils Olson is highly trained and experienced in preventive dental care for patients optimal oral health.

Building A Better Smile

Preventive care dentist visits help our dental care team build a “picture” of your oral health needs. Dr. Olson is able to gather a good deal of information about your health through a thorough oral examination. Routine exams include a professional dental cleaning, dental x-rays, periodontal screening, cavity screening and occlusal analysis to determine the alignment of your bite. Each of these steps allows Dr. Olson to understand the root of any oral health concerns you may have, and can lead to early diagnosis of any advanced dental health concern such as gum disease.

Technology For Better Preventative Care

Dr. Olson strives to offer his patients the most conservative dental treatments possible. Using the latest dental technology for diagnosis and treatment, Dr. Olson is able to more precisely treat patients. Our Frederick dentist office uses a miniature camera system and computer imaging that can create a realistic and 3D digital model of your mouth. This technology allows Dr. Olson to create projections of what your smile may look like after specific dental treatments, allowing you to envision your smile’s potential.

Our Frederick family dentist office emphasizes the importance of preventive dental care for the whole family. Dr. Olson is offers a full range of dental treatments for all stages of tooth development. It is essential for children to begin visiting the dentist at an early age. For your convenience you can bring your whole family to the dentist in just one visit. Schedule an appointment online, or contact our Frederick dentist office.

Preventative Dental Care For Optimal Oral Health

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