Keep your smile healthy, Frederick, md You may think that people won’t know whether your floss or not, but that isn’t the case. Not flossing can have negative effects on your oral health and can even cause noticeable issues like tooth decay and bad breath. Incorporating flossing into your daily oral hygiene routine can help better your oral health and keep your smile white and bright. Dr. Nills W. Olsen is a respected dentist in Frederick, MD, who is dedicated to educating patients on the importance of maintaining an excellent oral hygiene routine.

Benefits Of Daily Flossing

Daily flossing has a number of great benefits for your oral health. Dr. Olsen encourages patients to keep up a structured oral hygiene routine in order to maintain optimal oral health. Some patients may be surprised to learn that many people don’t incorporate flossing into their daily routine. Not everyone understands the benefits of daily flossing. Our dedicated team has listed just a few benefits of daily flossing for your convenience:

  • Helps keeps your gums healthy and strong. Flossing removes plaque that can later develop into tartar. We like to think that brushing removes all bacteria from the teeth and mouth, but flossing goes the extra mile and reaches bacteria that is not visible to the eye.
  • Flossing helps keep your smile healthy and bright. Tartar buildup can lead to the loss of your teeth. Missing teeth may require a complex dental treatment to help restore your smile.Flossing is a great preventative measure to help keep your smile healthy.
  • Flossing helps avoid cavities. Cavities can cause tooth decay and other dental issues. Daily flossing can help prevent cavities

Schedule A Preventative Care Visit In Frederick, MD

Dr. Olsen is an experienced cosmetic, restorative, and general dentist dedicated to providing comprehensive, quality dental care to each of his patients. Dr. Olsen encourages patients to schedule a biannual comprehensive exam that allows him to properly check your gums and teeth for any complex dental issue. During the comprehensive exam, patients will also receive a professional dental cleaning from one of our highly trained dental hygienists. Come visit of Frederick dental office today. Schedule an appointment online or call 301.842.4443

Why You Should Start Flossing Now

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