We all know a friend (or maybe it was you) who got a toothache out of the blue and ended up needing a root canal. Or perhaps you’ve had a very inconvenient dental emergency while you were on vacation. No dentist can prevent everything, but our doctors work very hard to make sure such emergencies are a rare exception.

Comprehensive dentistry means our doctors take personal pride in their patients experiencing a low level of dental emergencies. Our careful exam doesn’t miss much and we are able to anticipate future problem areas. This allows time to decide the best course of treatment before an emergency happens and your options are limited.

Comprehensive Dentistry from our doctors

At our dental office in Frederick, Maryland, you’ll receive comprehensive dentistry care. Comprehensive dentistry doesn’t just mean a quick check of your teeth. Instead you receive a thorough examination. We spend a great deal of time gathering important information from you. Then we perform a tooth-by-tooth examination and analyze the gums and soft tissues. From these findings, we develop a comprehensive plan for your treatment.

We use the latest technology for diagnosis and treatment, including a miniature camera system that allows us to show you a video picture of the inside of your mouth. We also have a complete computer imaging system to demonstrate the improvement we can make in your smile.

Computer imaging at the office of our doctors

Frederick smiles dental care office offers complete diagnostic services. The evaluation you’ll receive from our practice is based on the most complete and thorough examination possible.

A healthy, attractive smile is an important asset. Today there are treatments to solve just about any problem, but to create a smile that is both natural looking and long lasting, it takes more than just technology.

Frederick smiles dental care brings exceptional skill, experience and an artistic eye to the field of aesthetic and restorative dentistry. Using the latest technology and treatments available our doctors and their staff ensure you are getting exceptional care.