Show Your Smile Some Love This Valentine’s Day

A bouquet of roses, a box of chocolates, a giant Mylar balloon, and of course, a trip to the dentist. Some people might be scratching their head at that last part, but the truth is, there’s nothing more romantic and loving than giving some deserved attention to your smile. Well, that might be a stretch. But the point is that Valentine’s Day is all about love, and it’s important to show some appreciation to your smile.

After all, your smile and teeth as a whole contribute to so many aspects of your life! Expressing your happiness, cheering someone up, making a good impression when you’re in a job interview, and of course, eating and enjoying all the delicious foods out there are just some of the ways that our smile helps us out. It’s high past time we return the favor. Take a look at some of the ways show your smile some love this February 14th, and schedule a visit with Frederick Smiles Dental Care today!


Get professional teeth whitening.

You use your smile every day (and if you don’t, you really should—studies show it contributes to your overall happiness). To be quite frank, your smile kind of takes a beating. The biting, chewing, sipping, gnawing, and the I’m-so-hungry-I-need-to-tear-this-bag-of-pretzels-open-ing that take place every day are a source of wear and tear for your tooth enamel. Scheduling a teeth whitening session with Frederick Smiles Dental Care can help restore that enamel to a pearly white glow that will be just another wonderful thing to smile about.

Interested in some other cosmetic dental services? Take a look at all that we offer—from dental implants to porcelain veneers, there’s plenty of opportunities for you to treat your smile to some much needed TLC.

Be mindful of those holiday sweets.

When a heart-shaped Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup comes your way, it only makes sense to eat it. But the entire bag is another story (as delicious as that sounds). Sugar, particularly added and refined sugar, is one of the worst things for your teeth. As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, the bacteria sticks to your teeth and gums and causes plaque buildup, which can lead to a bevy of health issues later on.

Someone thought of you and gave you some mouth-watering candy? Go for it! Just be mindful of the effects this has on your teeth and gums, and enjoy in moderation.

Instead of reaching for that grande something-rather from Starbucks, try a nice peppermint tea for a warm and soothing drink. It will provide all the flavor and comfort of its warm beverage counterparts, without all the sugar. A lovely cup of tea will have all the same power that a cup of hot chocolate by the fire will have, without the insane overload of sugar (not to mention, sans the rush and subsequent crash). And while you’re steeping your favorite type of tea, feel free to grab an equally relevant and powerful alternative to added sugar…

Buy yourself a (dental) present.

It comes in an interesting box, you peel back the plastic, and behold! A new toothbrush awaits! It might not sound super enticing, but trust the dentists at Frederick Smiles Dental Care when we say your smile will say otherwise. You should be changing out your toothbrush every three months to get the most effective use out of it, and what better reason is there than a commercialized holiday?

You could go for a nice red or pink toothbrush as to align with the season, or really step it up and go for an electric one. Or come visit our dental clinic and we’ll hook you up with a new toothbrush as well!

Schedule a dental cleaning.

We know, having a dentist floss and brush your teeth might not seem all that special. But by protecting your teeth and smile as a whole, you’re showing the best kind of love. A healthy smile is truly the happiest kind of smile, and is essential for your overall health as well. Just like we show our bodies love by eating well and exercising consistently, we have to do the same thing for our smile. Get your twice-yearly checkup performed today—make an appointment for a dental cleaning!

The holiday of love is here, and there’s nothing better than showing some appreciation and affection for those around you. Our smiles are often taken for granted, which is why Frederick Smiles Dental Care thinks this is the perfect holiday to properly give thanks. While you should always show some gratitude for your smile, today’s a great day to start. Whether you decide to go for teeth whitening, a dental cleaning, or any of our other cosmetic and general dental services, we’d be more than happy to see you. Contact our dental office today to get started, and Happy Valentine’s Day!