Our doctors are one of the most highly trained and experienced dentists in Frederick, MD for cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

Our doctors are dedicated to continuing education and focused his post-graduate training on treating adult patients with complex problems like missing teeth, TMJ disorder and periodontal disease. Our doctors also incorporates cosmetic dentistry into their treatment plans to ensure that patients achieve a beautiful, natural looking smile.

Difference of Comprehensive Dentistry

As distinctive as these accomplishments seem, there is much more to his credentials.

With Frederick smiles dental care, you will receive comprehensive dentistry care. Comprehensive dentistry doesn’t just mean a quick check of your teeth. Instead you receive a thorough examination. We spend a great deal of time gathering important information from you. Then we perform a tooth-by-tooth examination and analyze the gums and soft tissues. From these findings, we develop a comprehensive plan for your treatment.

We use the latest technology for diagnosis and treatment, including a miniature camera system that allows us to show you a video picture of the inside of your mouth.

A dental exam typically includes:

  • Digital dental x-rays
  • Screening for gum disease, tooth decay and oral cancer
  • Occlusal analysis and examination of temporomandibular joints (TMJ)

Payment & Dental Insurance Information

Unfortunately, there are many people who sacrifice dental care because they think they can’t afford it. As a result, “little” dental concerns can turn into “big” dental problems. Part of our dental care includes working with patients on the financial aspects of their treatment plan. Many restorative dental treatments can be phased to spread costs over a period of time. In addition, we will assist with the billing and paperwork needed to maximize your dental insurance benefits.

Schedule an Appointment With Frederick smiles dental care

If you have worn, broken or missing teeth, contact our office to find out how we can restore your smile. For a new patient appointment, please call our office or schedule an appointment online.